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    A game is more than an idea finessed onto a platform. Designing games is hard work, and a good game design requires dedication and execution by highly skilled and talented artisans. In short, if you are going to do it, then it must be “Done Right.” At Immersion Labs we design games around marketable ideas, player retention and with a focus on monetization. We want our gamers to enjoy their gaming experience, to continue to play and to develop a “working relationship” with us. They know they can depend on us, and our clients, to deliver quality content, superior gameplay and exceptional user experiences. We are gamers after all. We have the highest expectations of ourselves and our work.
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    Ideas are as numerous as the people who have them— but what makes a good idea into a great game? How does one recognize good ideas from those which aren't worth implementing or end up costing developers wasted time, effort and resources? Here at Immersion Labs, we have a culture which emphasizes honest peer-review at all stages of the development process—whether that's based on our own game concept or the brainchild of a client. Only after an idea is properly reviewed and polished will we pursue development with an experienced team of designers, programmers, artists and management. Our goal is nothing less than the best—'Done Right'.
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    Without going into trade secrets, we can say that we develop content with gamers at the forefront of our minds. Gamers want content and gameplay for immersion. Both content and gameplay require great design, execution and proper testing. A game won’t last long without players; therefore, Immersion Labs designs game around the interests of players. By doing so, everyone wins.
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    There are many ways to monetize a game. This is the most critical factor in determining the success or failure of a game. We have researched and tested numerous monetization strategies designed to keep Immersion Labs and our clients in business and generating profits. Gamers don’t like ads, we only use ads when and where they absolutely necessary, otherwise, we creatively monetize projects. This approach reduces the intrusion of ads, creates genuine playable content and offers the gamer real options to spend their hard-earned money.
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  • We offer a combination of experience and expertise few possess. Also, IL is not limited to an office space. We have access to talent worldwide!

  • Our extensive network of contacts and relationships provides in-depth knowledge and reduces the cost of production for every project.

  • Our scope covers business modeling for each project and all phases of design, development and production.

  • At Immersion Labs, our internal motto is “Done Right.” Quality is our focus. Monetization is our goal.
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Welcome to Immersion Labs. Our mobile application development company and entertainment enterprise offers smartphone application development and mobile game consulting services. Since entering the market, we have overcome challenges that would destroy most startups and gained the experience and resolve to ensure a successful journey. We understand the industry and know how to capitalize on it. At Immersion Labs, our internal motto is "Done Right."

If you are interested in mobile games development, we have a team of highly skilled artisans to create marketable games in unique designs. Our mobile apps developers offer a rare combination of experience and expertise required to create an outstanding quality game play experience that our customers will enjoy and continue playing.

Immersion Labs offers mobile phone apps consulting services to help you turn your idea into a top game. Our extensive network of contacts and developed relationships provides in-depth knowledge and reduces the cost of production for every project. We have an experienced network that includes Android app developers, Apple app developers, designers, programmers and artists to create and monetize your game.

Monetization is always a goal for mobile game development. However, because we are gamers, as well as app developers, we understand that monetization can contribute to the success or failure of a game. Quality is our focus and monetization is our specialty. We have conducted extensive research and tested many strategies, so we know how to monetize a game that will engage your audience and generate profits.

Our scope covers business modeling for each project and all phases of design, development and production. Please browse our website to learn more about our services and cost effective packages to suit the needs of every client.